Loan Products

Loan Products
Business Loan: This product is designed for entrepreneurs with existing business. It offers opportunity to easily access loan/overdraft facilities usually needed as a bridging finance to build up businesses. It is available for individual businesses and corporate organizations. No matter the volume of your transactions, this is a one-stop product that meets your working capital needs.
• Flexible collateral
• Flexible documentation
• Competitive interest rate
• Loan duration is between three to six months and renewable upon full repayment

Assets Acquisition Loan: This product enables you to own desires assets such as deep freezers, sewing machines, hair dryers, washing machines, generators, laptops and any other asset that enhances productivity of your business. The bank finances the purchase of such assets while customers pay over an agreed period time. It allows you to plan your finances.

School Support: This is targeted at schools to provide financial support for school owners to enhance the school growth:
• To pay teachers’ salary promptly
• To buy school buses
• To improve school facilities such as laboratory, library, school furniture etc
All these with flexible repayment.

Church Growth: This product is specially designed to meet the financial needs of churches. It gives opportunity to execute dream projects and to acquire other various assets within a short period of time. It reduces pressure on cash flow with flexible tenure and repayment terms.

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